Award-Winning Heat Pumps

Vahterus' collaboration with Star Renewable Energy on Scotland's largest water source heat pumps, powered by eco-friendly ammonia, earned West Dunbartonshire Council the prestigious '2021 City of the Year' award from the European Heat Pump Association, showcasing a remarkable achievement in sustainable heating technology.

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Vahterus PSHE Fully Welded S Series

Waste Heat Recovery with Vahterus PSHE

Vahterus' PSHE technology drives waste heat recovery in the petrochemical industry, as exemplified by a recent project at a European refinery, which recovered 20 MW of heat, reducing CO2 emissions by 21,000 metric tons annually and highlighting its pivotal role in fostering sustainability in manufacturing.

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Plates hanging horizontal

Efficient Steam Recovery with Vahterus Vent Condenser

At the end of 2009, technicians at DONG’s combined heat and power plant (acquired by VEKS in May 2012), in Köge, Denmark, contacted one of our distributors about the replacement of an existing heat exchanger. Together, they found great potential for energy saving.

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Vahterus Plate pack

One Vahterus Combined Chiller Cools Two Ice Rinks in Maryland

In September 2019, Vahterus supplied a critical-charge combined ice-rink chiller, to Ultimate Fabrication Inc, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The new cooling system was designed with an environmental gain in mind, not only by switching from R-22 to ammonia, but also by maximising electrical and thermal efficiency. The Vahterus PSHE Combined Chiller (a chiller with an integrated separator in one shell) was a key component in the upgrade project of the NHL and studio-size ice rinks in the Cabin John Ice Arena.

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S8 A4832 1

Safe Production Expansion with Ammonia Glycol Chiller and Pumping Skid

Tri Tech Refrigeration Australia pioneers safe production expansion with Zammit Ham & Bacon Curers, deploying a Vahterus PSHE Combined Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger. This compact, cost-effective solution enhances safety and efficiency, setting the stage for a continued partnership in advancing refrigeration technology.

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T1 A3589 1 1

LNGenius: Clever Cold Energy Recovery in Spain’s Ports

Enagas and Vahterus collaborate to convert excess cold energy from LNG vaporization into a cost-effective and valuable energy source. The innovative 'cold box' system, tailored for port areas, offers economic savings and business attraction, signaling a noteworthy advancement in sustainable and efficient cold energy recovery.

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Port of spain bw

New Type of Reactor Cooler for BASF Polyol Plants

Discover how BASF's global engineering team, in partnership with Vahterus, identified a pragmatic solution to address the complex reactor cooling challenges in their Polyol plants. By adopting Vahterus' Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE), BASF achieved improved efficiency, reduced leakage risks, and expanded production capacity, representing a notable advancement in polyurethane processing.

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S8 A5087